Our dogs past and current who are a part of our lives and have contributed to the future of Outline Australian Cattle Dogs

On The Lamb It's All Good - Zen hailed from On The Lamb farm in Washington state and lived out his 12 years as a best friend and cohort in all that we did together. Zen did some conformation, he was a super agility team mate with titles in USDAA, UKI, AKC, and NADAC agility. We did some rally and obedience in AKC and we learned about herding together including traveling many miles to many states to learn from different clinicians. I couldn't have asked for a more willing partner who was eager, biddable, and joyous in his work no matter the task.

Ch Oakwood's n Shalimar's Legally Blonde PT HTAD3sc HRD3s - Reese: the real push into the obsession with herding. Her breeders are Chris Ann Moore and Jacquelyn Johnson. Reese was also going to do it all until she pushed us head over heels into owning livestock and focusing all future efforts on working cattle. As a member of our family and as the foundation for breeding working dogs Reese has earned her spot and she knows it.

Outline’s Molotov Cocktail HXAs HTAD3sc HRD3s - Fizz is Reese's daughter from her first litter, a pup by one of my most favorite dogs I've had the privilege of working and living with (Rash - Wayout's Indendiary). Fizz is a never quit, eager, talented dog. She is some of the best of both her parents and is on her way to proving herself as a producer of nice working dogs as well.

Kuawarri Mick - Mick comes from Kuawarri Stockdogs. He was purchased as an adult and has made himself right at home here with us, or occasionally in Kentucky with Rebecca Elder, his co-owner.

Outline's Get Tossed - Toss is from our Rye x Fizz cross. A young male who is showing himself to be incredibly promising on stock.

Outline's Laughing Cow - Cheese is a pup from our Mick x Reese cross. Cheese is a fun loving, eager pup who is showing a little bit of eye and desire to control both sheep and cattle. I can't wait to see her as she matures.

Wayout's Counting Sheep - Wink was bred by Rebecca Elder. She is from the Rye x Blink cross and that was a combination of two of my favorite dogs that I don't own or live with 🙂 Wink is still a pup but she is shaping up to be quite the stock dog.