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About Outline

Welcome to Outline Australian Cattle Dogs, I am Erin Eckert.

Outline Australian Cattle Dogs has been in existence in some form or fashion since about 2001 when I bought my first Registered Australian Cattle Dog, Carrie (Woodag's Prom Queen). I had a mixed breed ACD before Carrie and had shown a few dogs in junior showmanship by that time. Carrie was my first foray into doing more with dogs. Along with conformation, Carrie was the dam to my first litter (2006), and did some agility, rally, obedience, and dabbled in herding training.

As time went on, I became more involved in the sports and competitions that I enjoyed doing with my dogs. As I lived in the city at the time, I did try to learn herding, and traveled hours to take lessons, but the skills weren't coming as fast as I would have liked. After college, and getting a real job, I got married and my husband and I bought a home outside of town on 25 acres. Little did Travis know where that would take us.

Outline ACDs is located in East Texas. We currently raise and sell dorper cross sheep for meat or herding purposes. I have dog broke weathers/ewes available occasionally, please contact me if you're interested. The lamb is grass-fed and I run a rotational grazing program throughout spring/summer/fall. The goal being to raise healthy, happy sheep, and improve the land at the same time. Recently in the last year (2018) we have added some cattle to the program for the same purpose; herding opportunities for the dogs, and quality grass-fed beef.

Herding with dogs has become a passion of mine in recent years. I aim to maintain and improve the herding drive and ability in my Australian Cattle Dogs, and I have a large interest in helping others with the breed. I believe if your breeding dogs are not herding, then you are breeding away from herding drive and ability. Litters born here are bred with a working future in mind, and I have a vested interest in proving my dogs, and dogs I use in my program. Health testing, temperament, and genetics are all an important part of the program here, as well.

I currently trial dogs in AKC, ASCA, AHBA, the occasional arena time & points trial, and take in dogs for training.

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