Oakwood's N Shalimar's Legally Blonde

GCHP CH Carben Copy's If The Shoe Fits HSAs x GCH CH Shalimar's Red White N Blue Of Oakwood

DOB 1-27-2016

​ BAER Normal, PRA Carrier, PLL Clear, RCD4 Carrier, Scissors bite, Full dentition (premolar and molar removed due to damage), PennHip 0.73/0.74, OFA Hips: moderate, OFA Elbows Normal

Reese is from a co-breeding done by Jacqueline Johnson of Oakwood ACD's and Chris Ann Moore of Shalimar ACD's.

Reese is easy to live with, she has a natural off-switch. She is friendly to people, and neutral to other dogs.  Reese is a cuddler, and a fun-loving dog with a sense of humor.


Reese came with a lot of natural talent for herding. She has a moderate amount of eye, and uses it to convey power. She wants to be in control of her stock, and enjoys pushing. Reese is a head dog more than a heel dog, but will bite both ends. She wants to create and control movement and has a knack for picking out the trouble makers. She is biddable, but definitely has the cattle dog persistence. She reads her stock well, and while she enjoys working in close, she has an impressively long outrun. We butt heads at times, but she has my back and I have hers. She works hard for me, and we have powered through a lot of tasks together. Trialing isn't always a cake-walk with Reese, as she is headstrong and insistent when she thinks I'm not in control of the situation. We have done fairly well though, winning money at some jackpot trials and some Reserve High in Trials, most notably at the ACDCA Nationals on cattle. She's my go-to dog at home when I need stubborn stock moved, separated, loaded, or fresh stock broke.

Reese has also shown in conformation, and finished her championship with 3, 5 point majors, including a major at the Texas Regional Specialty in 2018.


No dog is without faults and unfortunately when doing all of Reese's health testing she did fail her hip certifications. In the interest of full disclosure, her hip results are public, and I am fully aware of what they are and have been up front with that fact. Breeders always say "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater", and so I haven't. I have done extensive pedigree research, and gone above and beyond to prove Reese as a sound working dog in mind and body. Her working talents and temperament are above and beyond what I could have asked for, and I feel she has a lot to offer the breed. She will be selectively bred to stud dogs who have proven cattle working ability, and solid hip testing results, and her offspring will be screened and monitored for issues.