Outline's Get Tossed
Wayout's Whiskey in the Jar x Outline's Molotov Cocktail HXAs HTAD3sc, HRD3s
DOB: 5-25-21
PRA/RCD4/PLL Clear, missing one premolar, scissors bite, BAER normal

Toss was my keeper out of a litter of four boys. Realistically he has been an easy puppy to raise and train. I wouldn't put him at the top of the brilliance scale, but his natural talents, and biddability certainly make him a favorite to train. Toss works easily off his stock, but with plenty of push when it is needed. He covers stock well, wants to maintain the group and has quite a bit of feel for such a young dog.

Toss is a pup who showed a lot of what I wanted to see at his 8 week evaluation and I have been pleasantly surprised every time he is faced with a new challenge and he rises to meet it. He is quite an honest, no fuss dog. When something does challenge him, he meets it head on without any adrenaline, and then when the conflict is over it's back to business as usual, which is just amazing to see in a dog who isn't even two yet.

Toss is already showing a lot of talent and ability to work out in the pasture as well as calm control in tight spaces with everything from lambs to cattle. As he matures all appropriate health testing will be completed.