Wayout's Counting Sheep
Wayout's Whiskey in the Jar x Wayout's Don't Even BN, RN, CGC
DOB: 1-22-22
BAER Normal, PRA Carrier, RCD4/PLL Clear

Wink is a very exciting addition who came from a pairing I would have made myself if I owned the sire and dam. Wink's parents are both incredible working dogs with generations upon generations of work behind them. Wink is a strong willed girl who is biddable enough to take my thoughts into consideration.

At a young age she is already targeting heads, and has a clean nose bite, and appears to have a low heel as well.

Wink has a quick wit and is responsive. She enjoys learning and is a team player. Wink is so far, a social butterfly and likes meeting new people and dogs. Life is full of opportunity. As Wink matures she will be exposed to and trained on stock and evaluated as a future producer of worknig dogs.