A Breeder’s Worst Enemy


I'm sure if you are in dogs, you are aware of the recent swarm on social media of popular hashtags such as #preservationbreeder #purposebreddogs #purebreddogs. You may also be aware of the banning and outright removal of breeder groups, and online sales groups dedicated to dogs of all breeds. You may understand that animal rights groups are behind some of this turmoil. While some people continue to celebrate the purebred dog and enjoy tagging photos of their dogs winning ribbons and doing jobs, the "other side" is there censoring your ability to advertise litters.  Seems like it is the AR activists impeding our freedoms and constantly targeting the breeders. I see it too, and we are all aware.

Look at it from the inside, and you'll find out who the enemy really is. Other breeders. Think back to when you first started in dogs. Was it easy to get your hands on a well bred dog? The advice you get is to "start with the best", or "find a breeder you respect and ask them to mentor you". Rarely does a breeder sell their "best" puppy to a newbie. E-mails go unanswered, messages not returned. Go to a show, and hang out. Try to approach someone to chat about their dog. How does that go?  Better yet, show up with a pet quality dog who is entered and see how quickly you make friends.  I have told many people that to be in dogs they need to be thick skinned. Things will be said, you will be talked about, feelings will get hurt, and those who tough it out are the ones who you see weekend after weekend. This is not just conformation showing. I know people who only do stock dog trials who have been treated the same way.

Breeders have a lot to worry about. We all know breeding isn't for the faint of heart. Regardless of how much your dogs cost, or how much you spend on them, getting puppies on the ground is expensive, and time consuming. People should be able to make their own choices on housing, testing, trialing (or not), how many dogs they own, how many litters they feel they can manage, vet care, etc. Dogs are, after all, still property. There is no law saying I must only breed titled dogs. There will always be abuse cases, and the law should be there to deal with cases of true abuse. The last thing a breeder, of any caliber, needs to worry about is another breeder.

Breeders need to stand together. You don't have to like someone else's breeding practices, or their dogs, or even the person to be polite. Good breeders don't legislate for breeding restrictions. Always remember, to someone else, your own practices are vile and repulsive. If we stand divided, we will fall as one.

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