Wayout's Whiskey in the Jar TKN "Rye" x Outline's Molotov Cocktail "Fizz"


Rye x Fizz Pedigree


Rye -  PennHip R 0.29 / L 0.20 - OFA Hips Fair,  Elbows, Normal - PRA A (clear), PLL clear, RCD4 clear; Completely Clear Embark Panel, COI 17%

Fizz - PennHip R 0.56 / L 0.51, OFA Prelim Elbows Normal, PRA A (clear), PLL Clear, RCD4 Clear



I hope to get some COW DOGS in this litter. Rye is a young, powerful dog with incredible stamina, cover, and BITE. He has a lot of natural distance, and can work well off his stock. He works sheep, goats, and cattle. Rye is stoic, beyond stoic. I have yet to see anything phase him, he gets knocked, and he doesn't miss a beat. Rye is also hard on the handler, he doesn't give much to pressure, and often pushes back. He bites head or heel on cattle and isn't afraid if one comes for him.

Fizz is as athletic and as biddable as they come, she has a bit of eye and will often get locked into a staring contest, but will take a bite and get things moving. She has a long, searching outrun, and works with determination. I have yet to see her get tired, and while she may not always be the most powerful dog, she hangs in and will see every task through. Fizz is a natural at stopping and controlling livestock. She bites head and heel and works cattle, sheep, or goats.

4 Blue Males Born May 25, 2021

The litter theme is "Things that are slow" for no reason other than it took these guys a long time to decide to make their arrival! Fizz's first due date was May 22, and after her temperature dropped there was quite a long and boring wait until the first little dude made his entrance into the world.


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