Wayout's Incendiary HSAs. HTAD2sc, HRD2s "Rash" x Ch Oakwood's n Shalimar's Legally Blonde PT HTAD3c, HTAD2s, OTDs HRD3s "Reese"

Rash x Reese Pedigree

Rash Pennhip 0.27/0.32, Elbows Clear by CT, PRCD-PRA, PLL, RCD4 Clear, BAER Normal

Reese Pennhip 0.73/0.74, OFA Hips- mod, OFA Elbows Normal, PRCD-PRA carrier, PLL Clear, RCD4 carrier, Cystinura clear, Degenerative Myelopathy clear, BAER Normal

Rash is bred and owned by Rebecca Elder. He lived with me off and on for over a year, and I did some training and trialing with him. Rash is an easy dog to get along with. He worked for me immediately, and went back home and picked up exactly where he was and worked for Rebecca just as well. He is a very honest dog, what you see is what you get. He has loads of natural balance, he is flanky and has a lot of natural wear to him. I don't recall him ever getting tired, or worn out from working and has the ability to switch from sheep to goats to cattle without issues. He reads and rates his stock well. Rash is a loose-eyed worker and is definitely upright and flowy with his movements. Rash is trustworthy with his stock, and has the ability to do long blind outruns on sheep or cattle. He bites both ends of stock. His heel bite is a little bit high, and he isn't selective on the head, he will bite a poll, nose, ear, or chin, whatever he can get his mouth on. He will work with another dog, and I have used him to load trailers and keep cattle pushed up for fly spray. He's quite the handy dog. He works with the least amount of force possible, but will push in if asked. He has lots of gather and wants to bring stock to a person, he isn't as keen on driving. Rash is quite biddable to the handler and while he can take a lot of handler pressure, it is not usually required to get him to comply.

Reese works with a moderate amount of eye and even a bit of style at times. She has a natural desire to gather, and an incredible drive to stop and control movement. She's not lacking in ability to start movement either. Her heel bite is a little high, and hesitant, but her nose bite is clean. She will also bite poll, or ears if she is slicing in. She covers a bit tight, but has the ability to be pushed out. She works out in the open as well as in pens or smaller spaces. Reese works cattle, goats and sheep and can go between them without issue. She will work with another dog, and has been used to load trailers and chutes as well as herd loose cattle back into fences. She is biddable to a point, but she can take a lot of handler pressure and not let up. She doesn't get her feelings hurt, she just keeps on working. She tolerates the heat and humidity well, but she is no dummy, if we have down time she will find a spot to rest and keep her eye on things until she is needed. Because she has a low gear and a high gear, she has plenty of stamina and always finishes the job. Her overall pace is an easy trot or canter. Reese is usually my go-to dog on the farm when I need to get a chore done or a difficult animal moved or doctored.

The goals of this pairing were to create biddable working partners with stable temperaments. I expected to get dogs who worked the heads as well as heels, biting both ends of the cattle. In a perfect world, the parent's qualities would meld into a perfect 50/50, but that isn't the case with genetics. I am pleased that all 6 of the pups from this litter have gone on to work stock in some capacity. All 6 have been on cattle and show promise. For the most part these dogs have been biddable, with a side of pushy. Red and Riley seem to need to be pushed harder by their owners. Bud, Fizz, Hazel, and Zoe have been reported as quite biddable. All of the pups have the ability to send a fair distance to stock, they balance off, and rate well. Bud, Hazel, and Fizz work with a bit of eye in certain situations. The two boys, Bud and Red came back to me to be started, so I was fortunate enough to get first hand knowledge of how they work and handle pressure, as well as plenty of video of their first 3 months of training. 3 out of 6 from this litter have been pennhipped and made significant strides in improving hip joint construction and laxity.

Updated photos and videos of this litter will be posted as they come available.

Outline's Bud
PRA - B  PennHip -R 0.48 L 0.59 OFA Elbow Prelim - Normal

Bud's YouTube Playlist

Bud is owned by Calvin Adams in Kansas. Calvin runs a custom grazing operation and uses Bud to rotate cattle. Bud spent 3 months with me when he was right at a year old to get the basics put on him and be able to transition to working for Calvin.  Bud is a very biddable dog with natural rate. He has natural gather and balanced off on stock right away. Bud works with a very flowing gait, but has some eye in certain situations. He bites head and heel, but I did notice more tendency to the heel.

Outline's Ol Red Dog Decker
PRA - A, Pennhip - R 0.54 L 0.53 OFA Elbow Prelims - Normal
Red's YouTube Playlist


Red is owned by the Decker family in Texas. The Deckers own and run a cattle ranch and Red helps them pen and move cattle. Red came back to me at a year old for 3 months of training. Red is almost a carbon copy of his dad, Rash in looks. He has a very sweet personality, but got a little of his stubborn side from mama Reese. Red requires rules, and he was not as quick to give to pressure as some of his siblings. Red works with good body language, but he does not display any eye while working. He bites head and heel, but like Bud, he is more of a heel dog than a head dog. He was easy to get wide, and balances off naturally on stock. Red excels in the pens where he can work in close and push. His owners work him off horseback to gather cows, and then use him to keep cattle moving through the pens. They report he has a natural talent for flushing and retrieving birds, and they use him when they hunt.

Outline's Head Over Heels 4 Ewe
Riley on Sheep

Riley is in Tennessee with Melody Tillman and she will help manage her small farm of sheep and occasionally cattle. Riley is well matched with her owner, and is a biddable worker, with a bit of pushiness. She works well for Mel, and is resilient and forgiving of mistakes. Riley has natural gather, and while she is a bit pushy, I think if she was backed off some she would have a fair amount of rate. Riley has been on cattle a handful of times and bites both ends, preferring heels over heads. She seemed to me to work a little like her mother and will probably pick up driving easily. Riley is a loose-eyed worker.

Outline's First Mate
Zoe early sheep exposure

Zoe lives in Seattle and is an active hiking buddy and will do some herding/trialing with her owner. On stock Zoe has been described as biddable and tenacious. She has natural balance, and will work wide.

 Outline's Little Red Witch Hazel At Sullys Run HTAD1s
Hazel on Sheep

  Hazel is owned by Jen in Seattle and from all reports Jen just loves her. Hazel had a level headed personality, she is a wonderful pet and worker. She has been on cattle a handful of times, and Jen describes her as a dog who commands respect, but isn't a bully. She has some eye, and uses it on stock who challenge her, but will follow it up with a bite. She is biddable, but also has the independence required to work on her own. She works with good distance off the stock, and isn't one to start fights, but has the ability to get control of stock quickly. At under two years of age Hazel is steady enough to set out stock for a trial, and Jen says she worked the pens like she has been doing it her whole life.

Outline's Molotov Cocktail
PRA - A Pennhip - R 0.56 L 0.51 OFA Elbows Prelim - normal

Fizz's YouTube Playlist

Fizz is the pup I kept out of the Rash x Reese litter. As she has matured she has gone from being a good pup, to a great dog, and one I am thrilled to be continuing on this line with. Fizz has a big desire to control and stop movement, she wants to work the head, and will square up right at the front of a cow. She works wide and is incredibly athletic and fast. Her natural pace is quick, and she has no lack of ability to get up speed quickly. Fizz does have a bit of eye, and she sometimes gets caught up in staring down an animal, when she really needs to come forward and make it move. She bites head and heel, and has natural wear. She has a good sense of balance, but can be called all the way around without issue. Fizz is a natural driver. She can control the stock's path, and is very good at naturally talking control and moving stock. Fizz is a true partner, and had the working attitude I hope to duplicate in future generations. She is never short on try, and she wants to work as a team. She has plenty of natural instincts and can be left to complete a job without direction, but if direction is necessary she is happy to take it.

At nearly two years old, while there is still plenty of growing and maturing for these dogs, I think this breeding was quite successful. Of the health test results that have been done, vast improvement was made on the pennhip testing, and all the elbows have been normal.

3 out of 6 offspring show some eye while working, all of them appear to bite head and heel, but I do think the majority of the litter are heel dogs. I would have liked more head focus. Most of them are biddable, but will push on the handler some, Fizz and Bud (of the 4 I've seen work in person) are probably the two most biddable. They all have a natural desire to bring stock, but at least Fizz looks like she will be a natural at driving also.  Bite placement on the heel is on par with their parents, as well as bite placement on the heads with most hitting a nose or poll, and Fizz occasionally coming up under the chin.

All 6 are reported as being lovely pets, clean in their kennel/house, and neutral to other dogs. The two boys who came back for training adjusted immediately and went to work for me without any issue.