A little bit about my breeding program and philosophy

The breeding philosophy I go by is about depth and breadth. I am breeding AKC Australian Cattle Dogs. AKC is the registering body and the keeper of pedigrees. The dogs are bred and selected from based on the quality of work they bring to the table, health testing, (physical and mental) soundness, and temperament as it applies to maintaining a modern dog who can and does work cattle of all classes. In years past I have bred litters infrequently. I have to balance producing the next generation with giving the dogs I already have the time and dedication they need. Due to recently (2018) partnering up with other breeders, we have been able to expand our numbers and gain access to dogs without having to house them all in one place. Teamwork really makes it possible to do more. That being said, I look forward to working with anyone who has an interest in preserving, promoting, and most of all furthering the work ethic and talents of the Australian Cattle Dog. Reach out, I'm happy to work with someone who has a true interest in working and breeding for cattle work. There are too few of us, and broadening our base is the key to moving this breed into the future as a cattle worker and staple on ranches.

Those things being said, know that I am brutally honest about my dogs, their abilities, and where I hope to go with them. No dog is perfect, but to improve on that imperfect dog we have to be willing to admit to their faults and try to make pairings that could possibly bring out the best of both parents. This is where science and trial and error come in. Some things we can know through science. Genetic testing is a known. Unquantifiable qualities (bite, push, heart, stamina) are a little more "art". We know there is a genetic component, but you can't see it on paper, only through testing a dog on stock can we see what he has. Combine that with pedigree knowledge and luck, and each breeding will still throw you a roll of the dice. I can guesstimate on each breeding what I think I will get. It's through puppy buyers and evaluations throughout those dogs' lives that I find out how truly successful (or not) a pairing is. No breeder knows with one breeding what their dog has produced. You need feedback and data, then you take that dog to another dog and get more feedback and data and compare.

I do offer a working guarantee on my puppies. I want people using them, and I want to know how they turn out.  Getting that feedback will help me make better decisions in breedings to come.  Puppies that go to sport homes or pet homes, I also want feedback. Keep in mind the working qualities that I am selecting for will carry over into every day life. I need a dog to react to movement of livestock, have incredible stamina and heat tolerance. I need a dog who is biddable to the handler, but will not back down from a cow. Think about how that translates to pet life and make the appropriate decisions on selecting a breeder or the ACD breed.

What about your waiting list? Deposits?

I do not take deposits. My waiting list is mostly by E-Mail. OutlineACDs@yahoo.com

When I have a litter or an older dog/started dog available I send out an email to everyone on my list. E-mails go out FIRST. Before I post to social media, or my website. The email will have details about the litter, pedigree info, photos, price, and anything else that may be pertinent. There is no obligation for you to reply. If its a good time for you, and you're interested in the litter/dog please do reply with what you're looking for, your expectations, and a bit about yourself. This is not first come, first serve. Puppies are evaluated from day 1, with structure and livestock evaluations happening around 7-8 weeks, and BAER testing between 6-8 weeks. I place puppies based on personality and aptitude depending on what the prospective owners are looking for and what they feel they can handle. Color/sex preferences are taken into account, but if you want specific markings you may be waiting through multiple litters before a dog who meets your needs and has specific markings is available.

Planned Litters for 2023/2024


Wayout's Whiskey in the Jar DM x Outline's Molotov Cocktail HXAs, HTAD3sc, HRD3s
"Rye x Fizz"

Health information for both dogs are available on their own respective pages. This breeding is a repeat of the cross that produced our Toss. Toss is turning out to be a phenomenal dog, and I'm repeating this breeding with hopes of getting a female who is as tenacious and willing on all classes of stock as Toss has been.
Videos of both sire and dam can easily be found on YouTube, links to videos are found on each dog's page.

This breeding has not taken place yet.

Three puppies from Fizz's 2021 litter to Rye are started on cattle and proving to be useful dogs. Videos of those pups also can be found on YouTube.

Wayout's Incendiary HSAs, HRD3s, HTAD2sc x Outline's Laughing Cow

Rash x Cheese

This litter was born November 27, 2023. All puppies are currently spoken for.